Ewout Pahud de Mortanges

Ewout Pahud de Mortanges (1991) is a (drone) photographer from Bloemendaal in The Netherlands. His love for metropolises and landscapes has been developed during many amazing journeys. In early 2018, he bought his first drone to see the world from a different perspective. In recent years, he has captured the world from above. Ewout is […]

Hans Pieterse

“If I had to describe myself by using keywords, then creativity, inventivity, and craftsmanship would be high on the list. And experience. My interest in photography emerged when I was 15 years old. I was at a car show full of great cars from the 50’s, and was struck by the sheer beauty of their […]

Stephanie Pistel

Stephanie Pistel is a renowned photographer & director double-based in Amsterdam and New York, passioned about celebrity portraiture, beauty and fashion. Unified by her signature photographic style that has a surreal, yet painterly quality, each of the series tells its very own story, capturing Stephanie’s filmic vision. She is always in search for the essence. […]

Petra van der Plas

‘Around the world in full colour’ Already at an early age, she was a creative and visual oriented person and was always fascinated by other countries and cultures. When she lived in Africa, Asia and Middle East, she took pictures of her daily experiences. Over the years the images themselves have been distinguished by colour […]

Jef Poldervaart

He is a romantic, he appreciates ambience, fragments of music, penetrating colours, stylish lighting, an intriguing gaze, an elegant sentence in a book. He is drawn to interesting objects, cities and people. He is active in the field of photography, film, painting, writing and music-making. His photography occurs almost in a cinematic matter. The models […]