Tesni Ward

“The natural world has always captivated me. Some of my earliest memories involved spending every waking hour in the garden, fascinated by the life living amongst trees, sky and waters. Whilst I enjoyed being out exploring many years, I didn’t have an outlet to show the things I saw until I picked up a camera […]

Nadja Willems

In 1996 Nadja completed the Foundation course at the AKI in Enschede with success. Then she decided to go artistically her own way. She chose the fotovakschool in Apeldoorn for further technical training in digital photography. In addition to her art work Nadja photographs  for various clients who are looking for a professional and personal […]

Jamie Williams

Jamie has always traveled extensively with his parents. They regularly went on city trips. Jamie got his first camera at an early age and he mainly photographed the buildings during his trips with his parents. At home he made collages of it, nowadays he still does. After studying photography, architecture and life in the city […]

Karen Winnubst

Love of nature is always reflected in Karen’s work. In these floral works of art, her objective is to capture the unique structure of flowers, their natural shapes, curves and texture. Her images are supplemented with an extra layer of artistic expression to intrigue the eye, giving it her own personal signature.